Pert rat problem keeps pest control companies busy – WA |

Frank Gilmore or Frank Pest Control Perth speaks to global news about Pert growing rat issue

Useful Tips To Help Spot And Prevent Invading Critters

Frank Gilmore of Frank Pest Control Perth LTD speaks to Rick Cluff of The Early Edition on CBC radio, giving listeners useful tips to help spot and prevent invading critters.

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Four-foot Wasps Nest found in West Vancouver, WA

2015 has been a great year if you’re a wasp…… Westside Pest Control technician Conrad Lambertus discovered this massive 4 foot yellow jacket nest in the attic of a West Vancouver home August 20th


Win the Battle Against Summer Pests – Video

The experts at Frank Pest Control Perth speak to the viewers of Breakfast Television about how homeowners can best win the battle against summer pests including fruit flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

Frank Gilmore talks about the increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland

Frank Gilmore of Frank Pest Control Perth LTD. had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cluff of CBC radio about the increase in rat populations in the Brentwood area in Central Midland. All areas of the Lower Mainland have seen a spike in rat populations in recent years and Central Midland is no exception.