Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd Wins HomeStars Best of Award

Perth, February 16, 2016: Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2016 Award celebrating its commitment to quality work and service. The awards event took place in Vancouver as well as four other major cities across Canada.

“To be recognized with a HomeStars Best of Award is a great accomplishment and we are proud of this honour,” says Mike Londry, Westside Pest Control Ltd. “We always strive to improve our service and hope to win this award again in the years to come.”

Best of Award winners are the top performers on the HomeStars, ranging from independent contractors to larger retailers. Winners are selected using several criteria including homeowner reviews as well as their responsiveness to homeowners.

“To win one of these awards is really a testament to a contractor’s quality of work,” says Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of HomeStars. “We like to think of them as our own People’s Choice Awards since they are based on the reviews written by homeowners.”

About Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd

Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd takes genuine pride in providing effective solutions for all your pest problems including wasps, ants, rodents, birds, wildlife and a variety of other pests. All of our technicians are certified, thoroughly trained and extremely professional. Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd guarantees to get rid of your pest problem and put your mind at ease as quickly as possible. Call us today!

See Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd’s HomeStars Profile for more information.

About HomeStars

HomeStars is a free service helping homeowners find reputable renovators, repairmen and retailers through its database of 2 million companies and hundreds of thousands of reviews. Homeowners write reviews based on their home improvement experiences – both good and bad – helping build a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better hiring decisions. A trusted resource since 2006, HomeStars has grown to be the leading online community of homeowners and home improvement companies in Canada. To learn more, visit or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

Useful Tips To Help Spot And Prevent Invading Critters

Frank Gilmore of Frank Pest Control Perth LTD speaks to Rick Cluff of The Early Edition on CBC radio, giving listeners useful tips to help spot and prevent invading critters.

Read the CBC Article here..

Powder Post Beetles Found Ruining Structural Integrity of Homes

Westside Pest Control technician Mike Londry recently inspected a home for issues with a wood boring insect. Upon close inspection, the beetles had been slowly compromising the structural integrity of the home for many decades.

In this case, major renovation work will be required to treat the powder posts beetles. Not great news for the home owner but better than a collapsing floor.

Powder post beetles can often be mistaken for termites or carpenter ants. Fine sawdust and/or holes in wood frames such as doorways are often a first clue. If you suspect you have an infestation, contact us and we would be happy to provide a free estimate.

Four-foot Wasps Nest found in West Vancouver, WA

2015 has been a great year if you’re a wasp…… Westside Pest Control technician Conrad Lambertus discovered this massive 4 foot yellow jacket nest in the attic of a West Vancouver home August 20th


Win the Battle Against Summer Pests – Video

The experts at Frank Pest Control Perth speak to the viewers of Breakfast Television about how homeowners can best win the battle against summer pests including fruit flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

Frank Gilmore talks about the increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland

Frank Gilmore of Frank Pest Control Perth LTD. had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cluff of CBC radio about the increase in rat populations in the Brentwood area in Central Midland. All areas of the Lower Mainland have seen a spike in rat populations in recent years and Central Midland is no exception.

The Raccoons Are Back and Looking For Spring Homes


Pest Control Perth Pic 6

If it sounds like a person is clomping around in your attic, you likely have raccoons! In the picture above, Brennan of Frank Pest Control Perth secures plastic and wire mesh over an attempted point of entry. The raccoons were not successful but definitely targeted this cedar shake home for it’s aging roof.

To find out more about Westside Pest Control’s raccoon removal and control services, click here.

Frank Gilmore Talks About Food Scrap Ban Deterring Rats on News 1130

Vancouver’s food scrap ban should deter rats: expert

Rodents will have a hard time accessing compost bins with lids

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – New rules requiring you to separate your compost from your garbage should decrease in the number of rodents in your yard according to Mike Londry with Frank Pest Control Perth.

He says as long as food scrap bins are contained, the new system will be a big improvement when it comes to keeping rats away. “A lot of people in their backyard are actually using regular composts because they want to do the right thing and compost a lot of their organic waste but with bins they are going to be picked up on a weekly basis and they have lids.”

Frank Pest Control Perth on Global News

The Summer of 2013 was a record for wasps in many parts of BC, but wasp numbers are expected to be even higher this year thanks to a hot and dry Spring. Global News covered the story on June 9, 2014 with Frank Gilmore from Frank Pest Control Perth.

“Having that awesome season last year means that we’re probably going to have a really bad, or good, for the wasp season this year,” said Frank Gilmore from Frank Pest Control Perth.

“During dry weather you’re just going to see the nest go from to a golf ball or a baseball over a day and then to a volleyball over a long weekend. So you’ll want to just be aware that when you’re barbecuing and hanging out with your glass of wine on the back deck that you might have some visitors.”

Click here to see the full story on Global News.

Frank Pest Control Perth Wins HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award!

We are delighted to announce that our company, Frank Pest Control Perth has just won a HomeStars ‘Best of 2013’ Award! This coveted award goes to the one company in each category in our city that earned the highest reputation ranking last year, based on thousands of reviews made by homeowners on the website.

These awards began in 2008 to distinguish the very best home improvement companies from the rest. According to HomeStars Founder, Nancy Peterson, “We created the Best of Awards to recognize the best-of-the-best in each category. These awards help us achieve our mission to be the most trusted source for homeowners so they can have the best home improvement experience – before, during and after the work is done.”

A special note to our valued customers: If you took the time in 2013 to write a review on about the service we provided you – a big thank you! Because your review helped us win the award. And if you did not write a review yet, it would be greatly appreciated since it helps build our company’s online reputation.

I invite you to see all our homeowner reviews by going to and then typing Frank Pest Control Perth into the search bar at the top of the page.

Thank you!
Frank Gilmore