Pert rat problem keeps pest control companies busy – WA |

Frank Gilmore or Frank Pest Control Perth speaks to global news about Pert growing rat issue

Frank Gilmore talks about the increase in rat populations in the Lower Mainland

Frank Gilmore of Frank Pest Control Perth LTD. had the opportunity to speak with Rick Cluff of CBC radio about the increase in rat populations in the Brentwood area in Central Midland. All areas of the Lower Mainland have seen a spike in rat populations in recent years and Central Midland is no exception.

Frank Gilmore Talks About Food Scrap Ban Deterring Rats on News 1130

Vancouver’s food scrap ban should deter rats: expert

Rodents will have a hard time accessing compost bins with lids

METRO VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – New rules requiring you to separate your compost from your garbage should decrease in the number of rodents in your yard according to Mike Londry with Frank Pest Control Perth.

He says as long as food scrap bins are contained, the new system will be a big improvement when it comes to keeping rats away. “A lot of people in their backyard are actually using regular composts because they want to do the right thing and compost a lot of their organic waste but with bins they are going to be picked up on a weekly basis and they have lids.”