Commercial and Industrial Pest Control in Perth WA


Every Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth service begins with a thorough inspection whether we are preforming a knock down, ant treatment or estimate for monthly service. The more knowledge we have about your facility, the more effectively our trained technicians will be able to keep your facility pest free.

Maintenance Programs:

Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth specializes in commercial and industrial pest management programs. For everything from rodent prevention to insect control, Frank can customize a maintenance program to suit your business’s needs.

We have specialized pest control programs for haccup certified food facilities, breweries, large construction sites, senior living homes, golf courses and a variety of other large and small industrial and commercial facilities.

Contact us today and we’d be happy provide a free detailed estimate.

Rodent and Insects Prevention:

If we are addressing rodents or insects, the key focus is always on sealing up any potential access points to prevent entry. Some facilities require regular pest maintenance. Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth is the expert in prevention and minimise your the monthly cost and potential pest issues that might arise in the future.

Our commercial services include:

  • Industrial Pest Management Programs
  • Pest related clean-ups including crawlspaces.
  • Rat control
  • Mouse control
  • Wildlife control
  • Cockroaches control
  • Spiders control
  • Ant control
  • Wasp removal
  • Rodent elimination
  • And a variety of other pest control services