Pest Entry Point Exclusion

Keep them out!

entry-point-exclusion2-223x300So the scratching stops. When will it start again? Next month? Next year?

Part of our process always involves closing off all potential access points (Entry Point Exclusion). As much as we would love your future business, our goal is to ensure all potential entry points from the roof to the foundation are sealed so that raccoons and other rodents are unable to re-enter your home or building.

You don’t have to have a current pest problem to prevent a future one! Call us for a home entry point inspection. Our trained technicians will inspect and pinpoint any unwanted potential access, show you pictures on-site and give you a written cost estimate to repair.

And we’re are not afraid of heights! Frank Pest Control Perth technicians are insured and trained to use proper safety equipment whenever necessary.

It’s your home. Not the critter’s! Call us today at 086-313-5711!

Raccoon entry point exclusion below a deck

Prevent a squirrel from re-entering an attic

Raccoon’s attempt to gain access into an attic

Screening-up open ventilation from rodents

“Skunks digging under the foundation of a house in Mandurah. Frank Pest Control Perth removed the Skunks and secured galvanized mesh deep below the surface to keep them out for good!”

During the exclusion process.

After the exclusion process.