About Us

The Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth team has been happily serving the WA community for 20 years. We offer Pest Control and Inspection services to all Perth Metro and Hills Areas. We have Technicians  Based in Perth , Carnamah and  Dongara. Servicing Towns such as:

  • Dwellingup
  • Mandurah
  • Dongara
  • North  and Central Midlands
We can take care of all pest control requirements from residential, commercial, industrial, shire and government, farms houses and sheds, and private town housing. Call for free quotes on any types of problems.

The Techs

Frank Pest Control Perth takes genuine pride in providing effective solutions for your pest problems. Our technicians are certified, thoroughly trained and extremely professional. We strive to get rid of your pest problem, put your mind at ease as quickly as possible and put a smile on your face!

Our technicians are based in Perth , Carnamah and  Dongara.

We perform thorough inspections on every service visit, allowing us to get to the root cause of each pest issue we encounter. In turn, our technicians focus on prevention methods rather than the overuse of chemicals and poison.

Pest Control Perth

The Office

Frank Pest Control Perth’s office staff are committed to determining your needs, answering your questions, and arranging service visits that suit your busy schedule. We focus on finding the best possible solutions while providing top notch customer service.contact-image

Pest Control Perth Frank

The Owner: Frank Gilmore

Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth was founded by experienced pest control technician Frank Gilmore. Frank has over 20 years pest control expertise in Western Australian, both Perth and Country Areas. Other than servicing Perth local community, Frank’s work also cover commercial, industrial, government and farm house. His customers love to work with him because of his work ethic, commitment and root cause focus approach.

Moreover, commitment to environmental sustainability, community involvement and good business reputation are of key importance to owner Frank Gilmore and all staff at Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth.


Safety is the first priority to any job we take on. We will not risk our customer and employees well-being doing something that is not safe. We love a fast, efficient, and amazing job as much as everyone but we will not do something that compromises our employees, our clients, and the general public.

  • We adhere to all regulated policies.
  • We strive to be the best, ensuring all safety procedures are followed and our rigorous training program makes sure our employees are site ready from day one.
  • We actively participate in striving to be a leader in the industry, innovating best practices.
  • We continually assess what can be improved and how jobs can be done safer.
  • We regularly inspect all equipment to ensure it is working as required with no defects.
  • Our number one goal for every project is a happy client with no injuries and no endangerment of people.