Spider Control in Western Australia

Frank Gilmour Pest Control Perth specializes in Spider Controls for residential homes, commercial and industrial businesses in all Perth Metro, Hills and WA country area. All of our technicians have been fully trained by pest control expert own Frank Gilmour.

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For either residential or commercial premise, spiders can be deadly depending on the species. In Western Australia several species of spiders that cause the majority of our problems. The most common ones are:

  • Red Back Spider
  • White Tail Spider
  • Black House Spider

Redback Spider

One of Western Australia most common but dangerous spiders, Red Back Spider resides in dry and dark area and build web around human premises. Their poison can make you feeling headache, vomiting and fever. Redback bites are the most common spider bites in Western Australia over the summer. They usually only bite when they are disturbed.

Black House Spider

This specie of spider is usually dark brown or grey black and likes to build its webs inside and outside of your premises. If you find spider net on your family car mirror, you can blame them on it. Although they aren’t considered harmful usually, their bite can still penetrate •through human skins. Moreover, they can build up population and web very quickly if not address at first sight.

White Tail Spider

The White Tailed Spider has a grey body with a white patch on the tip. They are found in cool dark areas but not very often seen in a web. They are night owl and like to hide into your wardrobe, clothing and bed. Their bite will start by causing pain and then develop into swelling and itchiness.

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