Raccoon Removal in Perth WA

Frank Pest Control Perth Ltd. specializes in entry point exclusion and humane raccoon removal and their families in Perth.

Raccoons are becoming a very common urban pest in Perth and will go to great lengths to find themselves a place to live. They are extremely adaptable. Raccoons have successfully made homes in urban areas, and have become household pests.raccoon_removal_humane-300x225

Raccoons usually have multiple den locations, even as many as 20! And all within a few few square blocks. You and your neighbor probably share the same raccoon.

Raccoons will damage almost anything to gain access to a potential den or food source. They will tear apart roofs, soffits chimney cover, facia board, soffit or shed to gain access to a potential den or food source. They will often damage lawns and gardens in search of grubs and earthworms. Many people in the Perth WA area are familiar with the chaffer beetle – a favorite raccoon snack. The chaffer beetle commonly buries it’s larvae in the soil of front and backyard lawns. A lawn containing chaffer beetle larvae can be completely torn to pieces by a raccoon in a night!


Humane Removal Methods

As much as raccoons are viewed by most people as pests, the technicians at Frank Pest Control Perth LTD always use the most humane removal methods possible and always reunite young raccoons with mom raccoon so they stand the best chance of survival.

Baby raccoon removed from a wall and about to be reconnected outside with it’s mother.

Raccoon removal and clean-up experts in Perth

Raccoons are now considered the most common wildlife carrier of disease. In attics and wall voids, the build-up of feces and urine can constitute a health hazard. Frank Pest Control Perth specializes in complete Raccoon removal and Raccoon related clean-ups.

Racoon-Sleeping-in-Tree-300x244Keep them out!

So the scratching stops. When will it start again? Next month? Next year?

Part of our process always involves closing off all potential access points (Entry Point Exclusion). As much as we would love your future business, our goal is to ensure all potential entry points from the roof to the foundation are sealed so that raccoons and other rodents are unable to re-enter your home or building.

Raccoon prevention tips:

    • Use heavy duty garbage cans with locking lids and place them strategically to prevent tipping
    • Keep tree limbs away from rooftops
    • Cap chimneys
    • Repair holes in walls and roofs
    • Close garage and shed doors during the evenings and overnight
    • Keep pet food away from cat doors

If you are going to attempt to seal the entry points, make sure the raccoons are out first!

Frank Pest Control Perth technician Jack Galloway has a very close encounter with a grumpy raccoon while doing a routine inspection. One more reason to leave racoon control to the professionals. Caution, bad language.

Need help with Raccoon removal in Perth?

After a few simple questions, free estimates can be given over the phone for raccoon removal in Perth and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Call the Perth Pest Control experts now at 086-313-5711 or contact Frank Pest Control Perth by email.