North & West Perth Pest and Wildlife Control Service


No matter where you go in the Greater Perth area you’re going to find unwanted pests of the non-human variety. The North Shore – West Vancouver and North Perth – is no different.

The North Shore is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated parts of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland thanks in large part to its natural beauty and the many gorgeous homes set against the magnificent backdrop of the area’s three major mountain peaks – Mount Seymour, Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain.

Rivers and creeks – the Capilano and Seymour Rivers, and Lynn Creek perhaps being the best known – have cut valleys and canyons through the mountains to provide picturesque waterfront properties.

Major attractions like the ski runs at each of the mountains, large and small parks, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, plus dozens upon dozens of smaller attractions and activities make the North Shore a nature-lover’s paradise.

The natural beauty of North Perth and West Perth has attracted many of the Perth area’s most affluent residents, and they’ve built some pretty amazing homes along Burrard Inlet and up into the mountains’ foothills.

Unfortunately, as has oft been noted by philosophers, beauty usually comes at a price, and in the context of this article that price is animal pests, including insects, rodents, birds and small woodland creatures that too often find the temptation of human habitation irresistible.

Such proximity to Mother Nature provides easy access for those creatures to invade the homes and neighbourhoods of West Perth and North Perth. Whether it’s birds finding a place to nest in the eaves, raccoons or squirrels burrowing into your crawlspace or attic, termites and carpenter ants attacking the very fabric of your building, wasps being a general nuisance, or rats and mice running rampant through your walls, these creatures are going to find their way into your home eventually, and when they do, getting rid of them is probably going to be a pain in the butt.

Not to despair, however, because there’s a relatively easy solution to the problems associated with annoying, destructive animal pests on the North Shore, and that solution is Frank Pest Control Perth.

Central Midland-pest-control-company

Since 2009, Vancouver-area and Central Midland BC homeowners and business owners have been relying on Frank Pest Control Perth to ensure their homes and businesses are critter free. We’re one of Perth top pest control companies because we are experts in:

Bird Control

Pigeons, seagulls and sparrows, in particular, can cause a bloody awful mess on your property. Think bird poop everywhere, but usually right where you want to enjoy your sun deck, or right above the door. Needless to say, it’s important to have them gone as soon as possible, and as Perth premier bird control experts, we can help. We use a variety of methods, with the emphasis being on exclusion so the birds can’t roost or nest near your building.

Rodent Control

Typically mice, Norway rats and roof rats, nobody wants any of these critters in their home or business, which is why North Shore residents call the North Vancouver rat control experts so quickly when these guys move in. We’ll be there to get rid of your rodent problem promptly and effectively because we have the right products, and because we know the ways of these rodents.

Raccoon Removal

Sure they look cute and friendly, but as a homeowner, dealing with raccoons on your own is a potentially dangerous situation. Let the raccoon control experts at Frank Pest Control Perth take care of the problem quickly and safely. The damage raccoons can do not only to your home, but also your yard, is truly amazing, so give these creatures the respect they deserve and get our professionals out to take care of your raccoon problem.

Ant Control

Especially carpenter ants, odorous ants and sidewalk ants. Hard to eradicate unless you know what you’re doing, a good pest control expert is your best option for dealing with the various types of ants native to North Perth and West Perth, especially if those are carpenter ants chewing their way through your woodwork. It’s not easy to get rid of ants because you’re usually dealing with tens of thousands of individuals living in multiple nests. Knowledge and commercial-grade products are the solution, and Frank Pest Control Perth has both for North Shore residents.

Termite Control

The most destructive of the insects we tackle, and anyone who owns a wood-framed building shudders in horror at the mention of termites. If termites have invaded your home it’s a cinch you want them gone as soon as possible. Frank Pest Control Perth is the best and fastest solution for these extremely destructive pests.

Skunk Removal

You don’t want to be tackling skunks on your own for obvious reasons, so let a professional skunk control expert take care of the problem humanely and quickly. Oh, and if you do happen to get sprayed, visit our web page about skunks for the antidote.

Squirrel Removal

Again, we use live trapping and relocation methods as necessary, because while squirrels can be destructive, most people don’t want to see the little guys hurt. We’ll get them out of your house and make sure they can’t come back in. Squirrel control is mostly about closing up the access points, so we’ll do a complete inspection of your home and plug up those holes for you.

Wasp and Hornet Control

Usually the yellow jacket variety for wasps and the bald-faced variety for hornets, both of these creatures can be a real pain… especially if they start stinging. They’re not welcome at any picnic or backyard barbecue, but they’re not always easy to get rid of. Our experts will show you why Frank Pest Control Perth is considered the best pest control company in Greater Perth. Oh, and if you have a bee nest that you want removed, give us a call and we’ll recommend some expert bee keepers who can do the job and save the bees, because bees may well be our best insect friends.

Pest Clean Ups

As most animal pests aren’t detected until they’ve caused quite a lot of damage, there’s usually a significant mess to clean up by the time the pest problem has been eliminated. Therefore, clean up is almost always an issue, but don’t worry as Frank Pest Control Perth is more than happy to do the clean up work for you.

Pest Entry Point Exclusion

There’s not much point in getting rid of the pest if you’re just going to let them back in. Part of every pest control job we do is ensuring potential entry points are blocked so you don’t have to worry as much that they’ll be back.

We provide all of these pest control services for single-family houses, townhomes, condos, apartments, storefronts, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Basically, anywhere the pests go, we go, because that’s what’s expected from the best pest control company in metro Perth.

Naturally, to be the best means our pest control methods must be the most effective possible for each situation, and they are, but we’re also always cognizant of the need to act as humanely, and in as environmentally sensitive a manner, as possible. For this reason all of our technicians are certified and thoroughly trained in the techniques and products we utilize. Perhaps just as importantly, they’re also licensed to use those products… an important consideration when choosing a pest control company. As often as possible, our technicians use eco-friendly, Earth-friendly products.


To be the best it’s not enough to use the best products or techniques. It’s also important to offer exceptional service, and that’s why our people are also extremely professional, and why our level of customer service is second to none in the industry. We’re members of the Canadian Pest Management Association and Pest Management Association of WA., and we follow their codes of ethics.

What all of this means is that when it comes to finding the best pest control company in either West Perth or North Perth, you need look no further, because Frank Pest Control Perth is your best bet when it comes to safety, efficiency and results.

Owner Frank Gilmore doesn’t fool around when it comes to animal control, and neither does the rest of his team, because we know how destructive and annoying such pests can be. Homeowners and business people alike trust Frank Pest Control Perthl because we know what we’re doing, but also because we take pride in our work.

We understand that real estate in North Perth and West Perth is some of the most expensive in North America, and we know you don’t want Mother Nature’s little friends destroying that expensive real estate. It’s because we care about our customers that we’re considered the best top pest control company on the North Shore (and in Mandurah). We’re going to protect your home from unwanted visitors of the animal variety, and we’re going to do so as quickly and efficiently as is possible.

If you find yourself facing a pest control problem on the North Shore, give Frank Pest Control Perth a call and get the experts to do battle for you! Save yourself time, money and, perhaps most importantly, aggravation by making us your first call. That way you’ll have the top pest control company in the Greater Perth area get started on removing those unwanted critters from your home or business right away.

We serve the whole lower mainland. From West Perth all the way out to offering services for pest control in North Midland.